Ironbark Citrus

Boutique Producer of Premium Australian Mandarins and Table Grapes.

Mandarins & Table Grapes

Between March and September, Ironbark Citrus produces a wide range of Premium Australian Mandarins, with varieties to suit a range of tastes and markets.  These varieties include Murcott Mandarins, Fremont Mandarins, Sunburst Mandarins, and Nova Mandarins.  We also have a number of more unusual citrus varieties available including Calamondin Cumquats and Nagami Cumquats.

Our new, exciting variety, the Royal Honey Murcott Mandarin, which was developed, and is currently exclusively supplied by Ironbark Citrus, is available in June.

In December and January, our Menindee Seedless and Black Muscat Grapes become available.

A Family Business

Ironbark Citrus is a family owned and operated business, where the owners, Allen and Susan Jenkin, are the managers and oversee all aspects of production.  We grow, harvest, pack and market our product to Australia and the world. We are personally committed to a quality product, and can process our product to individual customer specifications.  You tell us what you want, and we can do it!

Exporting Experience

Ironbark Citrus is one of Queensland's top Citrus Exporters, with over 20 year's of exporting experience, exporting predominantly to Asia and the East. In keeping with the growing world demand for freshness, our fruit is processed in our own on-site facilities.  All fruit is treated to ensure maximum shelf life, and is forced air cooled at our coolroom complex as soon as it is packed.

Clean and Green

Our fruit is grown, harvested and processed under a strict, externally audited, food safety and quality assurance programme (Freshcare).  Our commitment to sustainable agriculture, with the use of an Integrated Pest Management programme, and continuing research and implementation of cleaner production techniques, ensures that our fruit is among the world's "cleanest and greenest".

At Ironbark Citrus our priority and our promise is to consistently supply premium fruit with sensational flavour and appearance, and great nutrition, from our farms, fresh to you.